Monday, February 24, 2014

How Galileo has been routed and will always be

"The Earth orbits The Sun and rotates daily around itself", Nicolaus Copernicus, Galileo Galilei, Johannes Kepler, Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein and others have claimed.

It is very important to know that
alleged rotation of The Earth around itself and its alleged orbit around The Sun isn't a self-evident truth but is a conclusion. And all human conclusions can fail.

Hence, unlike with the self-evident truths, it isn't unreasonable to question whether the claim and the conclusion of Galileo, Copernicus, Newton, Einstein and others is true or not

Let's examine two very rarely known and acted upon facts about the theory supported and popularized by the life and work of Galileo Galilei and how each of them causes the rout of Galileo Galilei and of all like-minded men (let's call them 'Galileos' and individually 'a Galileo') aka 'Galileo rout': 

1. fact:

Wikipedia admits: "The geocentric model was nearly universally accepted until 1543 when Nicolaus Copernicus published his book entitled De revolutionibus orbium coelestium and was widely accepted into the next century.".

Astronomy is a science older than 3 000 years. The theory about the moving Earth was well known in ancient Greece (3rd-4th century BC).

So, according to the testimony of the Wikipedia's sources, scientists of mutually hostile backgrounds (Chaldeans, Greeks, Christians, Muslims, Chinese) were practically unanimous in rejection of the moving Earth theory and in acceptance of Geocentrism for about 2 000 years and possibly even longer.

If there were no certain scientific proof against the moving Earth and for Geocentrism how could so different people have been unanimous for about 2 000 years or longer on that?

Claim that so different people could be unanimous on one opinion against the other opinion for so long a period (about 2000 years or longer!) is nothing else but a plain lie. 

So there must have been one or more scientific proofs for Geocentrism and against the moving Earth theory.

This fact of unanimous acceptance of Geocentrism and of rejection, by scientists, for 2 000 years or longer, of the moving Earth theory is sufficient proof for Geocentrism and against Heliocentric theory and against Center of mass theory etc., that is, all the moving Earth theories.

And this fact causes Galileo Galilei rout (and rout of other Galileos: Nicolaus Copernicus, Johannes Kepler, Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, etc.).

It also causes the death of Heliocentric theory (aka Heliocentrism, Heliocentric model, Copernican theory, Copernican model, Copernicanism), the death of the theory about Center of mass (Sun-Earth barycenter) etc. and the death of trust in modern "science" because they are all based on the scientifically long rejected and thus certainly false moving Earth theory.

2. fact: 

The theory of Galileos claims that surface of The Earth allegedly rotates with velocity of 463 m/s (1 667 km/h) at The Earth's equator and with velocity of 355 m/s (1 277 km/h) at geographical latitude of 40 degrees north and south of the equator.

Note that both velocities are above the velocity of sound in the air at 68 °F (20 °C)!

They also claim that the air travels with the same velocities at the same geographical latitudes and carries everything with it so that the things in the air wouldn't be always left behind which doesn't happen in reality.

Now, think about these alleged velocities of The Earth's surface.

Why not make an experiment with a conveyor belt moving at 463 m/s (1 667 km/h) and then at 355 m/s (1 277 km/h), at the above temperature, with the wind blowing above the same belt and at the velocity of the belt, and let a human volunteer try to step on, walk, sit, lie, work and live on the belt in such conditions so that we see how according to Galileos we live on the allegedly rotating Earth. Before attempting to do this the volunteer should make sure he has made his last will.

The scientists of old didn't have technology we possess but had the reason to compare the highest velocities on The Earth they had seen and measured to those alleged velocities of The Earth's surface mentioned above and to conclude that life on The Earth is impossible with such parameters.

It is then no wonder that the ancient theory of Galileos about the alleged daily rotation of The Earth around its axis has always been rejected by all true scientists from ancient times till today.

It's more than shocking what an absurdity, impossibility and lie majority of men has advocated as allegedly 'scientific' 'truth'. They aren't scientists but charlatans.

Necessary conclusions from 2. fact

The Earth is stationary;

the sky rotates around The Earth and isn't stationary as Galileos have falsely claimed;

The Sun daily orbits The Earth and The Sun isn't stationary in or around the center as Galileos have falsely claimed;

The Earth is in the center of the heavenly sphere - the sky;

the theory of Galileos whose fundamental tenets are the moving Earth and the not-in-the-center-of-the-sky Earth is false; 

2. fact proves Geocentrism as true and causes Galileo rout of all Galileos

One Objection and Reply to Objection:

Objection: "There are experimental proofs for the rotation of The Earth.", some have claimed.

Reply to Objection: Nothing evidently absurd, impossible and false can be proven. In general, there are fakes instead of proofs as e.g. "Piltdown man" is, or way more often, as it seems, misinterpretations of experiments, in ignorance or intentionally.